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 English educational group, distrct 1

Review of book2 (high school)


Evaluating textbooks tries to shed lights on effectiveness of textbooks both for the teachers and the students and for the policy makers. Evaluation of the text books published by the ministry of education is a domain for teachers to examine how operative the books are for teaching and students, and for policymakers to explore how well the goals determined are followed and performed, for the students how well they can acquire knowledge and language skills.

Ellis(1997) believes that there are three different types of materials evaluation. One is predictive evaluation to examine the future or potential performance of a text book. The other type of text book evaluation is the 'in-use' evaluation, to examine materials that are currently being used and the last one is retrospective evaluation of a text book that has been used for some time in an institution.

a)Subject matter

The topics in  book 2 tries to cover the topics to satisfy the interest of the students only some texts ate attractive enough, for example, passages of lesson 1 and 7.The logical organization of the materials are roughly logically arranged. For example, length of the texts is not rightly determined. The second point is that some subject matters do not meet the requirements of students to render something new. The subject matters of lessons 3 and 1 are not up-to-date and do not encourage students to delve into the text.

b)Vocabulary and structure

It is clear that vocabulary in each lesson is equally and appropriately introduced. It does not assign students to learn further information; also arrangement of material follows a systematic gradation from simple to complex items. Vocabulary items are sufficiently repeated throughout the book. Sentences are long enough to help students to understand them. Grammatical points are well-presented through some mechanical drills but communicative value lags behind and does not suffice to help students to communicate effectively. One point to add is that; in language functions, everyday language is not a real interaction and particularly what students need to learn to use language appropriately.


Exercises develop comprehension and test knowledge of main ideas, details and sequence of ideas, not as expected and required. Exercises provide practice in different ways mechanically and also exercises do not promote meaningful communication effectively by using real activities in appropriate situations.

d) Illustrations

Illustrations create a favorable atmosphere for practice but mechanically, they are clear, simple and short.

e)Physical make-up

The cover of the book is durable enough to withstand wear. The book is attractive enough and convenient for the students to handle but the final word is that this book, along with the rest, needs a complete revision. 





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